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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
  2003 in Review: The X-Fan Version
Thanks to Kevin Melrose, I read ComiX-Fan's picks for the Top Comic Events of 2003.  I love some of their comments for their picks:

On the 80s nostalgia books:
"But is this really what comic readers want? It seems that everyone gets excited at the announcement of a new 80s revival project. Come release time, the #1 issue may do well, but with the exception of a few, sales quickly decline. Freud would have a field day with the nostalgia factor being the big decider. Perhaps the quality doesn't match up to our expectations; perhaps it does but we quickly realise we're not getting our childhood back. One thing's for sure: These 80s properties are a great way to lure in the mainstream consumer into the comic industry. So hopefully, they'll stick around for a while."
Yeah, because if dedicated comic readers aren't even willing to buy these series, obviously the mainstream audience will eat them up!  (Then again, look at the popularity of properties like 'Scooby Doo.'  Maybe X-Fan has a point:  If the fanboys won't bite, maybe the public-at-large will!!)

On "Hush":
"Everyone was talking about it. All the buzz in the industry was focused on it. It was the reading event of the year."
Was anyone really reading this, as opposed to simply looking at the pretty pictures?  ("Look, now Jim Lee is drawing a completely different Batman villain this issue!  AWESOME!!")  It seems that those who did read the series were pretty disappointed in it, so I think it's a stretch to refer to it as the reading event of the year.

On DC signing creators to exclusives:
"With the new millenium, Marvel has regained its #1 position in the comic book industry with the strategies of its notorious former President Bill Jemas. So what's an underdog to do? Why, ask Papa Time and Mama Warner to provide. Finally, it seems DC's parent company is willing to provide for its comic properties, not just in all the blockbuster movies, not just in statuettes and miscellaneous memorabilia, but where it counts -- in the comic book field."
(I have no idea if "Papa Time and Mama Warner" really footed the bill for DC to sign all these creators, but I know posting this will get a rise out of Graeme.)

On the Princess Di X-Statix brouhaha:
"Marvel felt cornered into giving the storyarc a makeover, and the true genius (if you will) behind it, award-winning scribe Peter Milligan, had no choice but to make altercations of the inclusion of Diana into something entirely different and almost unrecognisable, that was ill-received by most X-Statix readers -- the only ones who ever truly mattered in the whole debacle." [Emphasis added]
Typo or meaningful malapropism?  U-DECIDE!!

On the Jesus Castillo case:
"But in August, 2003, the Supreme Court denied the appeal to hear Castillo's case. Not only was this the final blow to the comic industry, but comic fans as a whole were discouraged more than ever that the society they live in still cannot open its mind and move past the stereotypes of the clique in this day and age."
Stereotypes?  Which ones?  You mean the same ones X-Fan used to open discussion of the Castillo event?:  "Just when you thought it was safe to live in your parents' basement and be a comic geek away from the rest of the world..."
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