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Monday, December 15, 2003
  Tokyopop's Epic Plans
Kevin Melrose and Shawn Fumo have already linked to news that Tokyopop is expanding its presence into more retail outlets (Wal-Mart, Stop and Shop, Sam Goody).  Now Newsarama has an article up about how Tokyopop is going to be publishing original content in addition to manga reprints.  Shawn should love this news:
“This is a place for creators to do something different from what the traditional comics fans are used to—stories about kids and their crazy pets, girls and their otherworldly boyfriends, or teens playing ancient games in magical worlds,” Paniccia said. “Sure, the industry has produced a wide variety of stories, but it’s usually the exception in this super-powered avenger-centric industry.”

That last part leads to one of the rules of Tokyopop’s expanded line of new, original projects – no capes or tights. “There’s a strict rule here to avoid anything that remotely smacks of traditional superhero comics in either story or art,” Paniccia said. “Tokyopop is not competing with DC or Marvel. Superheroes are not the company’s strength, nor is there a desire to move in that direction. It’s not our audience.”

And if you’re thinking that this is starting to sound like an open call for talent...well…Paniccia’ got a publishing schedule for 2005 that he’s looking to fill.

Epic contributors!  Quick, time to rejigger your proposals as black-and-white, non-spandex projects!!

And once again I love how thoroughly Newsarama proofs its articles:  "it reads left to right rather than left to right."  I'm assuming they meant that the new material, which will be done by Western creators, will read in the left-to-right format, while Tokyopop's manga will continue to be published right-to-left.
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