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Thursday, December 18, 2003
  Video Games and Comics: Underdogs Unite!
The latest issue of Game Informer (#129, Jan. 2004) has a fair amount of comic coverage, including an "exclusive first look" at the 100 Bullets video game.  Other comic-related mentions include:
Comic-related games also placed strongly on a top ten list.  Unfortunately it's a list of the ten worst games of 2003:
But of course the biggest comic-related story in GI is the 100 Bullets feature article.  It spans six pages and features plenty of art from the comic in addition to screen shots from the forthcoming game.  And there's a sidebar on the comic itself encouraging readers to check out the series.  One of the reasons listed was news to me:  According to GI, 100 Bullets is used in three American Literature classs at Northwestern University.

Interesting note:  Twice in the magazine reference is made to the lack of respect faced by both comic book readers and gamers, first in the table of contents listing for the 100 Bullets article and later at the close of the 100 Bullets feature. The first line seems to call for a sort of geek solidarity, but it's an appeal laced with self-loathing:  "Comic books and video games should be much closer friends.  Neither medium gets the respect it deserves from our snooty parents."  (Yeah, because we all still live with our parents.  Ha ha.  That joke never gets old.)  The second quote is much more grandiose:  "Individually, neither comics nor video games tend to get the respect they deserve as legitimate art forms, but when the two come together, the quality of the results should be undeniable."  Hmm.  You might want to check that math again.  More than likely the result of combining two marginalized media will a more insular product, not some transcendent "third way" art form.  Consider the converse melding of the two media:  Have any comic books based on video games ever achieved "undeniable quality"?
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