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Sunday, February 08, 2004
  EW Sez Escapist Not Escapist Enough
In the February 13, 2004 edition of Entertainment Weekly (#751), the subscribers-only supplement "Listen2This" covers some comics.  For the second time, the comics section is only a single page, so only four comics are reviewed, and there's no "a comics creator discusses his favorite comic" feature.  The four comics reviewed are:
Upcoming comics mentioned are:  The Punisher: Born, Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Savage Dragon: Worlds at War, and Van Helsing's Night Off.

The review of The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist struck me as strange:  The comic is basically criticized for not being the novel it was based on.  I suppose it's hard to ignore the source material when examining a spin-off, but I would think a reviewer would want to review a work on its own merits, not on how well it captures the context of the original novel.
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