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Thursday, February 12, 2004
  Inarticulate Musings
I promised a couple people that I would report back with my thoughts on Palomar after I finished reading it.  I've been putting off blogging my reactions to the book for a while, mainly because I don't think I've sorted my thoughts and feelings into anything satisfying yet.  But with an extended vacation looming, I figured I'd better get some of my thoughts out there before I forget them.  Plus, there's always the hope that my rambling rumination will prompt others to discuss this work in more detail, perhaps uncovering something that's eluding me.

While I really liked Palomar overall, towards the end I started to feel as though the focus or tone of the series changed somehow.  I haven't put my finger on it yet, but it was as though the stories went from being believable/identifiable/human/real to more surreal -- as though the focus shifted from the characters to the situations they found themselves in, and those situations felt artificial or abstracted somehow -- less grounded or recognizable.

Granted, the work was created across discrete points in time, not in one large chunk, and my own reading of the book was broken up into multiple sittings, so maybe these factors play into my feeling of "disconnectedness" about the work.  At some point I'd like to sit down with Palomar for a second reading and see if I feel the same way, and if I do, why I feel that way.

Other thoughts?  (And, hey, even though the collection came out last year, most of the stories were originally published in the 80s, so it would be right in line with other comic works the Comics Blogosphere has been focused on recently...)
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