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Sunday, February 08, 2004
  Markets Really Do Work Better at Information Aggregation
You readers have been good to me.  I've asked you for feedback or advice several times and you've never let me down.  Example:  When I was fretting over whether I should get the Moth special or wait for the trade, you told me to get the special (which also meant that I would get the individual issues for the subsequent mini-series).  Now it turns out that my online shop is offering the first issue of the Moth mini-series at 75% off cover price, so I'm glad that I'm getting the singles after all.  (If it later turns out that there is a trade and my shop offers that at 95% off, my outlook might change.)

Since things have turned out well in the past when I've put things to a vote, I'm going to ask you to help me with another ordering decision:  Should I get Marvel Age Fantastic Four #1 and the Marvel Age Spider-Man vol. 1 digest?  My shop is offering them at a pretty good discount (75% and 40% off, respectively) so I'm tempted to try them out.  I figure I've been so cynical about the books before they've even seen print that maybe I should give them a fair chance.  Then again, it's Marvel we're talking about, so maybe "cynical" is the appropriate response in the first place.

So, because I'm feeling ambivalent about this, and because I need to place my order soon, I'm going to let you decide once again.  Let me know:  Should I get Marvel Age Fantastic Four #1 and the Marvel Age Spider-Man vol. 1 digest?  Vote either on the comment thread below or via email by Thursday, Feb. 12.  Feel free to respond however you want -- "No"; "Yes, both"; "Yes, but only one"; "Buy the originals instead."  I'll tally up the responses and let your collective wisdom guide me.  (In the event of a tie, Ed Cunard will once again cast the deciding vote.)
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