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Friday, February 13, 2004
  Votes & Vacation
Well, the votes are in and they were pretty much unanimous:  Do not buy the Marvel Age books.  The closest I got to a response in favor of the Marvel Age books was an email from a reader in Japan who suggested buying the FF comic and selling it off to him if I didn't like it.  I considered doing this, but ultimately I decided I should follow the rules of my original entry and abide by the majority decision.  (NOTE:  If any reader outside the US is interested in sampling the Marvel Age books cheaply, the online shop I use does offer international shipping.)

And, remember, this blog will be inactive for the next two weeks while I'm on vacation.  I should be back blogging again sometime around the first week of March.

Finally, I was just as surprised by Dirk's announcement today as anyone else, but I'd like to be the first to thank Dirk for putting Journalista on hiatus:  It'll mean less catch-up reading when I return from my own hiatus in two weeks!  So thanks, Dirk, and congrats on the new position.
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