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Thursday, July 29, 2004
  Gone Fishin'
Jesus Christ!  I knew there were a lot of new comic-related blogs popping up lately, but the Comic Weblog Updates page now lists over 130 of them!  Granted, a good number of them at the very bottom are now inactive, and many of them aren't exclusively (or even primarily) comic-related, but that still leaves a lot of comic blogs out there.  Plus, I'm sure there are a lot of them that aren't showing up on the site for whatever reason, such as Matt Maxwell's new comics blog, Highway 62.  (Wow, two plugs in as many days.  Those bribes really do work.)

Anyway, this is all a long, rambling lead-in to my announcement that I'll be out of town this weekend starting early (oh god, so early) tomorrow, so no blogging until sometime next week.  So why not try out a new blog if you're missing the Grotesque experience?  Here's a sample from a new blog I've been enjoying (and just added to the blogroll) this week, Jog The Blog:
What else came out today… a “Venom v. Carnage” mini (why don‘t they just start putting random years from the 1990s in the copyrights too while they‘re at it?), a new “Rogue” ongoing (I’ll just have to catch up around the anniversary issue #50 that it will no doubt reach) and some huge “Avengers” thing. They are now Disassembled, which is a bad sign because they will need organization to compete in today’s fast-paced superhero world, and messiness is a killer. Captain America should make a flowchart or something. Maybe they’re saving that for the climax of the story: a lacerating Powerpoint presentation. That would be really cool, and it would beat the pants off of whatever is planned for the end of "Identity Crisis" like putting Ace the Bathound to sleep or Dr. Light reuniting with Dr. Wiley and getting Gutsman to bugger The Flash.
Given Marvel's Disassembled Deathwatch Chart, the idea of an Avengers PowerPoint tie-in doesn't seem too far-fetched.  Hmm.  Just imagine...Marvel and Microsoft, two of the world's most market-share-obsessed companies, coming together on a joint project of unspeakable evil that just had to be called...Excel-sior!  (And with that horrible pun, I am outta here.  Have a great weekend, everyone!)
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