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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
  Drunk On Mad Ideas
The V invent the Warren Ellis Drinking Game:
After just reading PLANETARY 20 and ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR 9, I think a drinking game is long overdue. SO! When you read a Warren Ellis comic, take a drink every time:

* One of Warren's friends is mentioned. Two if it's a goth fetish model.
* Futurephone technology is mentioned. Two if it saves the day somehow.
* Someone mentions how going into space is Extremely Important.

*Female character makes reference to her love of rough/kinky sex.
*Male character makes reference to female character's love of rough/kinky sex.
*Someone mentions how the villain(s) have fucked with the population. Twice if the character actually says "fucked with us."

The BAD SIGNAL drinking game.
"Today, I was contacted by an old
acquaintance to briefly consult on
a possible comics magazine that'd
be released and sold online as a PDF."
Take a walk to your nearest whisky specialist shop (or supermarket if you must), open a bottle of their finest and start to drink, saying "FUGGOFFYERBASTID. AHMWORRINNELLZ!" and pointing to your genital area, whenever WE comes up with a brilliant idea that someone else thought of first.

Offer the security guard a share of your bottle if WE fails to mention the earlier manifestation of this idea.

Drop your trousers, lie face down and insert the bottle if he mentions that he was kneejerkingly dismissive of this idea when that someone else raised the issue a few years ago.
The thread also contains a discussion about Garth Ennis' tendency to use sexual perversion as a shorthand for evil, as well as a hilarious idea for a DC Fifth Week Event:
Ra's al-Ghul steals the Batphone and begins crank calling every hero in the DCU. Fifth Week Event! "My Enemy, My Phone..."

"Is this Wally West? You know where Gorilla Grodd sits? WHEREVER HE WANTS! Har har!" -click- "Is this Bruce Wayne? Do you like bats? WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE A BASEBALL PLAYER THEN! Har har!" -click- "Hello, Clark Kent...?"
I can't be the only one who would buy that, can I?
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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