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Monday, August 02, 2004
  August Prognosis: Comics Overdose
Holy cow.  DCBS, like all good pushers/dealers, really knows how to work its clientele.  I try to maintain what I laughably call a comics "budget" each month, doing my best to stay within $100.  But DCBS is running so many tempting specials, I have a feeling I'm going to be casting aside all restraint this month.

For example, I was thinking I'd try out one of the new manga in DC's CMX line, but DCBS is offering all three debut titles at 65% off, so I'll probably check them all out at $3.48 apiece.  And I already knew I was going to get the Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Archives, so DCBS offering it at 45% off only sweetens the deal...and leaves me with enough money left over that I start thinking that maybe I'll check out that DC Comics Rarities Archives Vol. 1, also offered at 45% off.   Titles that I was on the fence about (such as Kurt Busiek's JLA or Ed Brubaker's Authority) start to look a lot more appealing at 50% and 75% off, respectively.  Heck, DCBS's discounts are so good that I'm even considering buying a comic written by Mark Millar.  (Well, maybe not.  On second thought, that money would probably be better spent on the Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby hardcover, or any of the various manga titles such as Boys Be or Hyper Rune, all at 50% off.  Just because things are a good deal doesn't mean one should abandon all taste, after all.)

Lots of other great specials at the site (including the first wave of DC/Rebellion trades, the Little Lulu reprint digest, the second Walking Dead trade, and much, much more), so check it out.  Why should I be the only one brought down by irresistible bargains?
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