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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
  Geoff Johns, Arctic Shit-Knife Peddler
So I finally read Comic Book Galaxy's latest feature, The Conversation (pretty much what it says: a conversation between Chris Allen and Alan David Doane about comics) and early on I was distracted by this question:  What is it with ADD and Geoff Johns?
"Mediocre hacks like Geoff Johns [later referred to as an 'industry leech' and 'shit-peddler'] ...really ought to be thrown out of comics by any means necessary"
Isn't it enough that if you don't like someone like Johns, you don't read his work?  Personally, I liked Johns' JSA, up until it became one big "arc" after another.  I liked the series more when it was focusing on the dynamics between the characters, rather than on the next Big Threat.  But when I stopped enjoying JSA, I simply dropped it.  I didn't call for Johns' head on a platter.

I guess ADD should be given points for coming up with a figure emblematic of All That Is Wrong With Comics other than Chuck Austen, at least.

(I also find it ironic that Johns is crucified in the column while a lousy, incoherent comic like Terra Obscura gets a pass simply because it's part of the Alan Moore ABC imprint, even though Moore himself didn't have much to do with it.  Hmm.  Makes me wonder what ADD thought of Geoff Johns' issue of Tom Strong?  I know he was dreading it before it came out, but I wonder if he hated it as much as he expected to.)
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