Grotesque Anatomy
Friday, November 14, 2003
  Alex Rossenstahl?
So I'd heard there was some sort of hubbub over Alex Ross being a Nazi, or employing the techniques of Nazi propagandists, or something like that.  I guess the furor started with David Fiore's remarks here.  From there various bloggers reacted, including Johnny Bacardi, Laura Gjovaag, Sean Collins, and David Fiore to clarify his position.  I finally read through everything and I have to say...I just don't see it—the inherent fascism or the "uncritical valuation of heroes for their hero-ness."  Maybe it's just me, but I look at Ross' work (which I do like) and I think it makes the heroes seem frailer, not more formidable.  I think my take is something like Sean's in this respect:  When I can see the wrinkles and folds in Superman's skin, or the seams in Batman's homemade cape and costume, the heroes seem more like regular schlubs and less like iconic Olympians.  In short, they look like grown men and women running around playing superheroes.  If this is the opposite of what Ross is going for, then there's a completely different problem with his artwork—namely, it doesn't achieve what it set out to.
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