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Friday, November 14, 2003
  More Mainstream Magazine Mentions
In the November 21, 2003 edition of Entertainment Weekly (#738), the subscribers-only supplement "Listen2This" has more comic reviews:
Mike Mignola reveals that his all-time favorite graphic novel is Challengers of the Unknown Archives vol. 1.

Upcoming comics mentioned are:  Plastic Man, Michael Chabon Presents...The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, Brit: Cold Death, Ultimate Fantastic Four, The Mirror of Love, and Sleeper: Out in the Cold (which is described as "a perfectly paranoid super-powered espionage tale")

And in the November 17, 2003 issue of The New Yorker ("The Cartoon Issue"), Pantheon Books ran the following full-page ad:

Pantheon Ad

Nice targeted advertising.

EDIT:  Gah!  Forgot to mention the one-page collaborative strip by Harvey Pekar and Robert Crumb in EW's regular content (p. 19). I can't wait for the Crumb/Pekar reunion tour to hit Minneapolis.
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