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Sunday, January 04, 2004
  PAD Answers Questions; Comicon Boards Go Apeshit
Of course, when the questions involve the "Waiting For The Trade" phenomenon, it's a pretty safe bet that things are going to get ugly in short order.

The thread is four pages long as of this writing, but there's some good stuff in there, particularly the comments from PAD, Johanna, Nat Gertler, and Kurt Busiek.  (For the record, I think Busiek's post on the third page sums up my feelings on the matter rather nicely.)

UPDATE:  PAD has returned to the thread, offering an apology (of sorts):
In reading over my postings with a cooler eye, although I stand by my original assertion--that the "wait for the trade" philosophy impedes the ability to get a mid-list or "non-aligned" series off the ground and/or maintain it--I now feel I put forward my argument in an unnecessarily high-handed and combative manner. For that, I apologize to any I may have offended.
While PAD's point may be true as matters stand today (I'm sure it is harder to sustain mid-list or "non-aligned" series if many fans who would be interested in such series are holding out for hope of a trade), it really does nothing to address the underlying issue:  If fans don't want to buy certain comics in the monthly format, they won't.  So if publishers want to sell those stories to consumers, they'd better figure out how to deliver those books in a format the audience desires.  Sure, that might put more pressure on the publisher to gauge which mid-list series might do better in another format and/or market, but, hey, the publisher is also the one who will see the rewards if the risk pays off, so forgive me if I seem a little callous on this point.  And "impeding" isn't the same as "ruling out," so it's possible that lower-selling monthly titles (such as Sleeper or Gotham Central) might enjoy more success as trades.
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