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Monday, March 15, 2004
  Raijin Comics On Hiatus
Manga publisher Raijin Comics has announced that its entire publishing lineup (including all trade paperback collections in addition to the monthly anthology) is going on indefinite hiatus:
Over the past 18 months, we have tested the market to see how well a weekly and monthly manga magazine would fare with an American audience. Based on our research with readers, retailers and distributors, we have come to a conclusion – our publications, though appreciated by hard-core manga fans, are not penetrating a larger market.

In order for us to reach a broader market, RAIJIN COMICS, RAIJIN GRAPHIC NOVELS, and MASTER EDITION will be placed on hiatus for the time being. We will be taking time out to come up with ways to broaden the appeal of our publications, retooling stories and overall editorial content. RAIJIN COMICS Issue 46 and the June GRAPHIC NOVELS will be the last issue you will be printing [sic].

I'm really sorry to hear this.  While I'd stopped getting the anthology, I was still enjoying several of their series in collected form, especially the wonderful Slam Dunk.  I hope they can come back with a stronger presence after regrouping and refocusing their efforts.
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