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Monday, August 23, 2004
  The Aptly Named Castle Waiting
Whatever happened to CASTLE WAITING: THE LUCKY ROAD?  Dark Horse solicited it back in January but it never came out.  Not only that, but it no longer appears on Dark Horse's website.  I did a cursory Google search but I didn't see anything about it being cancelled.  And I know I'm not imagining the book being solicited because Johanna Draper Carlson mentioned it in her Previews Review for that month, too.  This isn't the first book I've pre-ordered from Dark Horse that never showed up, either.  I was looking forward to Club 9 Volume 3 (listed on Amazon as "CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE") but that book has vanished from Dark Horse's website as well.  With Club 9 (which is still being serialized in Super Manga Blast!) I'd guessed that Dark Horse -- after their purchase of Studio Proteus -- was planning on retooling the series in an unflipped format, but I have no idea why Castle Waiting has been delayed/removed from the schedule.  Anyone heard anything?  And what does this mean for the "new, ongoing Castle Waiting series" that the Dark Horse trade supposedly heralded?
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