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Friday, August 13, 2004
  Oh Glorious Day
Bendis made his surprise announcement at Wizard World Chicago, and it turns out it actually was pretty surprising: all the Marvel and DC characters have suddenly entered the public domain.  Here, I'll let Bendis explain it:
“I think the one mistake that’s being made here is that these are all of our characters – they ‘belong’ to all of us, and if there’s something that we all want to see, you kind of have to say yes."
Sweet!  Well, there is something I know we all want to see, so I say, "Yes!"  A rounding "yes" to my brilliant crossover idea pairing not just two characters but two pairs of characters.  Yes, I'm talking about my long-awaited Power Man/Iron Fist/Blue Beetle/Booster Gold mega-crossover.  It'll be genius!

I expect calls from Marvel and DC representatives shortly to work out the details.

UPDATE:  Alf vs. Black Panther crossover also announced.

UPDATE/ADDENDUM:  Apparently my interpretation of Bendis' shocking announcement was too narrow, as I thought only Marvel and DC characters had entered the public domain.  But as recent news about such projects as Jimmy Corrigan/Jim Corrigan and Dracula/John Constantine/Archie makes clear, in fact all comic book characters are now up for grabs, regardless of publisher.  With that in mind, I can finally move forward on my ambitious Goon/Goom/Goofy/Geek coloso-crossover.  Truly, we have entered a new Golden Age of Comics this day.  Huzzah!
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