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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
  Like Unto A Thing Of Intermittency
Quote of the Day, from Dave Intermittent:
"Iron Fist is one of the few characters I can think of that can pull off the badass-in-slippers look"
No, wait, I meant to quote another bit (although I do agree with the above sentiment wholeheartedly):
"The choice isn't between reading classics or reading trash; the choice is between reading trash or reading mostly nothing. Get rid of the Flash and you will create not thousands of new readers of the Filth but thousands of people who spend more time playing video games, or watching Friends reruns on TV. Iron Fist gets it; do you?"
I smell a new catchphase / slogan / bumper sticker:  "What Would Iron Fist Do?"  (Of course, Dave is reacting to the conversation (as transcribed by Graeme McMillan) between Power Man and Iron Fist (not a permalink) that's already made its way through the comics blogosphere, so I don't know why I feel as though I have to link to it myself.)
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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