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Friday, August 13, 2004
  "For Fear, Greed, And The Curtailment Of Civil Liberties!"
Here's something interesting: TEX!, a political satire comic portraying George W. Bush as a fumbling super-hero.  Based on the interview with TEX!'s creator Joshua Dysart over at Newsarama, I'm not sure what the tone of this comic is going to be like.  Dysart claims the book isn't a mean-spirited partisan attack, but he also refers to the Bush administration as "dumb asses," and over on the TEX! site, Dysart calls Bush a "jerk."  As much as I share Dysart's desire to oust Bush from office, I worry that the satire in TEX! won't exactly be subtle.

Anyway, at least TEX!'s creators are making an effort to appeal to old-school superhero fans, as demonstrated by the cover's
riff on the classic "Superman busting out of chains" image:

Superman 233

And I love the idea of Dick Cheney in one of Tony Stark's life-sustaining chest plates:

Iron Dick

"The Iron Dick has risen!"  Heh.
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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