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Thursday, August 12, 2004
I bought Identity Crisis #3 out of morbid curiosity (I'd heard that another long-time female character is killed off, and, sure enough, one is) only to regret it.  Well, I regret paying four bucks for it and reading it.  But at least it gives me plenty of ammunition to fill up a blog entry.  (And it should be obvious, but SPOILERS, OK?)

Anyway, on to the snark (and remember -- SPOILERS):

I still don't understand why Sue's not dying from carbon monoxide poisoning clears Dr. Light as a suspect.  If Light raped Sue in the past, isn't he capable of killing her however she was actually killed?  (Based on #1, it looks as though she was killed by physical violence, something a rapist would surely be capable of.)

Why, when Dr. Light remembers the JLA piling on him all those years ago, does his memory include Batman?  I was thinking maybe Light was remembering some other battle, but the panel in #3 is identical to the one from #2 aside from the addition of Batman and the mood lighting:

Hogpile #1
Remember: When hogpiling on a super-villain...
Hogpile #2 sure to leave a little room in case Batman decides he wants to join in.

I'm assuming this will be an Important Plot Point, although I honestly have no idea what it means.  Light's memory has been distorted due to the heroes' reprogramming?  Or someone else (perhaps Phobia and Dr. Moon) added that detail somehow?  (I still think the image of a half-dozen heroes piling on a lone villain is hilarious. Apparently when Ollie says the JLA teaches you to fight, he means the JLA teaches you to hogpile the bad guy with all your superhero buddies.)

I don't understand the dynamics of the fight with Deathstroke.  (Nerd nitpicking in 1..2..)  Why couldn't GL use his power ring to stop Deathstroke right away?

So Supes has selective super-hearing, huh?

Not sure what's going on with Captain Boomerang, or, as he's known in this issue, Captain Red Herring.

God, I hate that cover.  Why Michael Turner gets high-profile assignments like this continues to baffle me.  Look at Ollie's right arm:  It looks as though Ollie suddenly has Puck's dwarfism on that side of his body:

Green Arrow arm
"Stay back, Slade, or the kid gets an arrow in his chest!"

The sad part is I'll know I'll be checking out the next issue, if only to see if **** ****** had just found out she was pregnant before she was killed.
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