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Sunday, January 04, 2004
  Commenting on Someone Else's Resolutions for Others
Broken Frontier's Matt Maxwell (not a permalink) has a list of New Year's Resolutions for various members of the comic book industry.  One that confused me was his resolution for "Shonen Jump Boosters":
I hereby resolve to remember that the lion's share of Shonen Jump are sold on newsstands (and on newsstands, if you're only returning fifty-five percent of your run, you're doing GREAT).
Who was disputing that Shonen Jump does the bulk of its business on newsstands?  Looking at ICv2's estimates every month, it's obvious Shonen Jump's numbers aren't coming from the Direct Market.  If the point was that newsstand sales operate differently than Direct Market sales, I don't see how this downplays the impressiveness of Shonen Jump's success.  After all, Viz has managed to steadily increase sales of their anthology whereas Marvel's attempt at a newsstand comic magazine (Ultimate Marvel Magazine) fizzled in less than a year.

Other than that, I really liked his list.  The only change I'd make would be the addition of a resolution for one more comic book publisher:
I hereby resolve to pay in full (ideally including interest) the freelancers who remain unpaid for their work.  I also promise to apologize for any insults or insinuations I leveled against the wronged parties, and for the many missed deadlines I promised to make payment by.
I'd almost forgotten about this situation, but then I saw the headline "CROSSGEN '03 NEWS ROUND-UP" over on The Pulse.  I assumed it was a round-up of The Pulse's coverage of the freelancer story, since that was the biggest news involving CrossGen last year, but it's really just a self-congratulatory press release touting CrossGen's achievements and accolades from last year.  I know it's only natural for a company to want to pump up the positive aspects of its record, but it's hard for me to muster much enthusiasm for a company that has treated its creators so poorly.
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