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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
  HELP: Make Me Look Smart
Spiraling out of my remarks on Matt Maxwell's resolution for Shonen Jump Boosters, he and I have been going back and forth in the comments thread wondering how to figure out the actual sales figures for the popular manga anthology -- you know, how many copies are actually being purchased by customers rather than returned to the publisher.  We know that actual sales data for mags is tracked (in order to establish circulation figures for ad sales) but I couldn't find anything on Shonen Jump in the free portion of the Audit Bureau of Circulations site (although I did learn that the OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE has a paid circulation of 344,731).  So I'm stumped.  Anyone know how to figure this out?  Anyone from Viz want to volunteer the info?  Heck, even general info on how newsstand sales operate would be greatly appreciated.

Please forward all replies to me via email and I'll pass along any interesting info as though I came up with it on my own.  Thank you very much.
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