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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
  Breakdowns Beatdown
Chris Allen of Breakdowns fame is always good, but his smackdown of John Byrne's most recent idiocy really made me smile:
John Byrne would rather you buy his work in monthly issues or not at all, and if you’re not the direct market pig getting his weekly feeding at the specialty shop trough, then fuck you, apparently. What I’m getting from these comments is that Byrne wants to control how you buy his stuff, to the extent that he’d rather turn away those who would potentially buy it in a format not of his choosing, i.e. the trade paperback. Here’s a thought: maybe not everyone is aware of every goddamn comic coming out every week, or they’re sick for a while, on vacation, or were going through some financial difficulties, or are even new to comics, and they find that his run on JLA or something is in its third issue. If the shop doesn’t have the previous issues, is it now wrong for them to wait for the trade? Mr. “Don’t Be a Mind Reader” has decided that the only reason people buy trades now is because it’s KEWL to do so. Hmm. Can’t think of a less likely explanation offhand, nor can I think of many comics trades that project “kewl” at all.
There's more on why Byrne is wrong, as well as several new comic reviews and a look back at the Good Graphic Novels of 2003 (how fitting that Byrne is mentioned in the same column as this list).  Go read.
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