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Sunday, March 21, 2004
  Be Careful What You Wish For
Yesterday I lamented the fact that Marvel's June solicitations didn't include an image of Rob Liefeld's cover to CABLE & DEADPOOL #4 for me to mock.  And now today I'm bombarded with more crappy Liefeld art than I can shake a strange-looking spear at.  I'd make with the usual snark, but I think I'm overwhelmed.  Besides, a poster named MDC over on The Pulse has already done a nice job of tearing apart Rob's problems with anatomy, backgrounds, continuity, etc.:
He's off to a fine start if the pages above are anything to go by, appalling anatomy, perspectives and Cables morphing hairline aside: Cable's bracelet changes to a wrist band on the 2nd page by which stage Domino's grown a widow's peak and the baddies eyewear looses it's bridge in the space of a panel, by page 3 Domino's gloves have dissappeared and by page 4 Cable's Spine has dissapeared and the Spearhead has changed appearance.
In other Wizard World LA news:
Guy Peace from MEMENTO
Finally, a bit of encouraging news about the "new" Larsen-led Image (also from CBR):
With Image Comics now under the guidance of Erik Larsen for the last month or so, we're now hearing about new projects that Erik's bringing to the "i." Last month CBR News told you about a new indy anthology called "Flight" headed up by Kazu Kibuishi. Sunday afternoon, CBR News ran into Kibuishi at Wizard World: Los Angeles who was excited to report that he's found a publisher and, you guessed it, it'll be Image Comics. Larsen saw the work of "Flight's" contributors at last months Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco and was impressed by what he saw. We'll bring you more on this story later this week.
Wow, that's good news on two fronts:  That "Flight" found a publisher, and that Image under Larsen is interested in putting out non-spandex material.
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