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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
  DC Smacks Fan On Head
In a thread titled "Upset with DC's Focus Line" over on Broken Frontier's DC board, poster Kristopher states his displeasure with DC's new line of books:
I almost feel sorry to say this, as I'm sure there are people that enjoy these books, but I'm put off by all these Focus books that DC is putting out.

I feel they have some great characters that aren't even being used that, with the right effort behind them, could make some great books and/or series.

When I go through the solicitations and start to see all these Focus books, it feels like DC is smacking me on the back of the head.

Not sure why I feel that way. I just do. Am I alone?

DC is smacking him on the head by publishing the Focus books?  What does that even mean?  Kristopher attempts to explicate his feelings further in a later post:
I guess I'd just rather see DC dig into their huge pile of DCU characters and produce some titles that way, rather than put out all these books.
Oh, I get it:  DC is neglecting long-time readers by putting out comics focused on new characters instead of endlessly recycling pre-existing characters.  Several other posters respond to this Demand For (Devotion To?) The Old, including Broken Frontier's Review Editor, Mike Bullock:
I think both Marvel and DC need to put more effort into creating new characters. Who knows, trhey may actually get another hit that rivals Superman or Spider-Man. I don't know if it'll happen, but we'll never know if all they do is dust off the same old characters again and again...

If all anyone ever did was rely on old characters (like they seem to do nowadays), we'd never have seen Wolverine, Punisher, Firestorm or several other fan favorites.

Makes me want to travel back in time and see how fans reacted when those characters were first introduced.  ("Who is this lame new character 'The Punisher'?  What kind of threat is a guy WITH A GUN to Spider-Man??  Instead of creating boring bad guys like this, Marvel needs to bring back classic villains like Doctor Octopus, who we haven't seen fight Spidey for over a year!")  The obvious disanalogy for two of those examples is that they were introduced as throwaway characters in ongoing series and were only given their own books later on as their popularity grew, but Firestorm debuted in his own book back in 1978 and now he's a "fan-favorite" character whose comic is perennially relaunched and cancelled.
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